LEIPA Spirit White: The new Lightweight Solution in Corrugated Packaging

LEIPA Spirit White: The new Lightweight Solution in Corrugated Packaging

Corrugated board is a pioneer in the field of sustainable packaging solutions. And LEIPA has accompanied and supported the corrugated industry on this path for decades.

Sometimes, it's the little things: An improvement in the printability of our corrugated base papers, an optimization of the surface, a lower grammage or enhancements in the raw material mix.

But every now and then the market asks for something brandy new. A genuine step forward. A solution that satisfies the needs for environmental consciousness, sustainability, profitability, great processability and reduction of logistics costs through a reduced weight - in equal parts.

Can this be achieved with a classic white top testliner? To put it bluntly: No, it can't. But we have created something completely new - thanks to our expertise in the field of 100% recycled graphic papers and our know-how in white packaging papers. The result is the first ever Single Layer Liner: one layer, white coated, consistent, and yet particularly lightweight at 110 gsm. Simply contemporary. Or to sum it up: "LEIPA Spirit White".

The potential and outreach of this product is definitely entrepreneurial: an individual corrugator can be as creative as he/she chooses as with different fluting arrangements, the possibilities are endless.  Whether for shelf-ready packaging or ecommerce development: Offering end users environmental and cost yield savings, could have huge impact on a brand.  Or, as one of our business partners had summed it up quite nicely: “This product could revolutionize corrugated packaging as we know it. Retaining top quality print on a fully recycled product that further offers saving in distribution and CO2 seems an immediate realistic response to the immense sustainability demands on packaging industry today”.

Curious about how LEIPA Spirit White feels, how it looks, and what this could mean to your business? Let’s talk. We look forward to hearing from you.

sales@leipa.com +49 3332 24-3000

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