1 millionth ton on the LEIPA PM 5 - congratulations to the entire team!

1 millionth ton on the LEIPA PM 5 - congratulations to the entire team!

In March 2018, not quite three years ago, the LEIPA PM 5 was in the hot rebuild and commissioning phase of the paper machine acquired from UPM in the new LEIPA North mill.

Work was still in progress on the machine itself, as well as on the neighbouring units and mill parts. After all, it was not simply a matter of converting a paper machine from newsprint to packaging paper. Rather, after the acquisition of the UPM Schwedt mill with the machine known at that time as PM 11, in fact almost the entire plant had to be upgraded for the production of high-quality white top testliner (corrugated base paper on a 100% recycled basis). The reward for the effort: at 2:30 a.m. on 31.03.18, the team produced the first tambour of paper on PM 5.

This weekend, less than three years later, the LEIPA PM 5 produced its 1 millionth ton of corrugated base paper. An impressive development and impressive proof of the performance. Not only of the machine, but above all of the LEIPA team, which achieved this milestone with a great deal of heart and soul - and despite all the Corona-related adversities - in this short time.

"It has been three years with a very good start-up curve overall and all the ups and downs of papermaking - in the past 12 months still overshadowed by the Corona pandemic with its effects on the markets and the operating environment. But even with these challenging conditions, together we have achieved a clearly positive development - many thanks for this, also on behalf of all the entire management!" affirms Falk Friedrich, plant manager of the LEIPA Schwedt Nord mill.

Consequently, customers worldwide trust in the quality of LEIPA packaging papers. But quality alone is not the only thing that counts: Due to the sustainable and environmentally friendly production, the use of LEIPA paper contributes LEIPA customers to noticeably improve their own environmental balance sheet and to jointly achieve the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

LEIPA is and will thus remain a reliable partner for its global customers in terms of quality, service and environmentally friendly solutions.

The photo shows part of the LEIPA PM 5 team in front of the anniversary tambour. For health and safety reasons, only a small part of the team can be seen. However, thanks are of course due to the entire PM 5 team and all other internal and external participants in the success.

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