LEIPA goes Live: The third LEIPA Round Table Talk on July, 21st

LEIPA goes Live: The third LEIPA Round Table Talk on July, 21st
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Sustainability and circular economy are the leading ways to a brighter future. But what is really sustainable? Which loops are really closed? What eco-friendly solutions are already available today – and what awaits us tomorrow?

Based on 175 years of experience and know-how in 100% recycling-based paper and packaging solutions LEIPA now shares their knowledge when it comes to sustainable and innovative solutions.

The third LEIPA Round Table Talk 2022 will start on July, 21st:

„Consumer Perception Influences on Print & Packaging Industry?”

July, 21st, 2022 | 16.00 CET | Online Event | 60 min Inspiration & Information

Our panel

  • Jonathan Tame, Managing Director, Two Sides
  • Dan Marek, Co-founder, Scrapp
  • Richard Coles, Director & Consultant for Pack 4 CE
  • Sarah Lesting, Head of LEIPA Sustainable Solutions Consulting

Together with our guest speakers we will address important questions, shedding light on topics from different viewpoints: From brand owner and supplier to the European paper association and a sustainable labelling body. In a nutshell: 60 minutes of inspiration for innovation & transformation.

Detailed information and the direct opportunity to register can by found on www.leipa.live.

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