LEIPA is part of the project "Digital GreenTech - Environmental Technology meets Digitalization"

LEIPA is part of the project

Together with Consultingtalents as network coordinator and the project partners Fraunhofer Institute Dresden (IVV-DD), University of Siegen (IPEM), Tomra Sorting and the Papiertechnische Stiftung, LEIPA is part of the "ODiWiP" project. "ODiWiP" here stands for "Optimization through Digitalization of the Recyclable Materials Cycle in the Paper Industry", based on the use of state-of-the-art AI tools. The project is part of the FONA initiative (Research for Sustainability) of the German Federal Ministry of Research and Education

The project's object of investigation is to find out in which stages of the paper value cycle - from the collection and sorting of recovered paper, through transport to the paper mill, to preparation and actual paper production and shipping logistics - AI can make an even greater contribution than before to optimizing processes.

AI is already being used successfully in the paper cycle today. Within the framework of "ODiWiP", the use of AI is now being investigated and optimized in a structured manner in order to further improve the paper value cycle. Processes will then be able to run even more efficiently and with reduced use of resources. This will allow even more environmentally friendly paper production. This is entirely in line with the Green Deal and a continuous circular economy.

Other benefits of this optimization include safeguarding jobs for the future and improved working conditions thanks to the supporting systems and software. In addition, the foundations are being laid for the creation of a "digital twin" of the recovered paper fibers in order to be able to develop trials digitally and new products in an even more targeted manner.

The results will be generally accessible to the industry and, together with the parallel development of a software solution, will contribute sustainably and across companies to more environmental protection.

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