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We mourn the death of
Dr. Hubert Schrödinger

5 June 1930 - 9 October 2022

Book of condolence

Dr. Hubert Schrödinger

The LEIPA group of companies mourns the death of Dr. Hubert Schrödinger, the long-time thinker and leader as well as owner of LEIPA. Dr. Schrödinger passed away in the night from Saturday to Sunday at the age of 92 surrounded by his family.

We mourn the loss of a visionary and entrepreneur of the old school. Since he took over the management of LEIPA from his father Dr. Hans Schrödinger in 1961 - at that time in the fifth generation - he has shaped LEIPA like no one before him. Many of his decisions, first and foremost the decision to switch to recovered paper as a raw material as early as 1973 and the acquisition of VEB Papier und Karton Schwedt in 1992, have left a lasting mark on the image of our group of companies today and will certainly continue to do so for generations to come. In the spirit of an entrepreneur, he devoted himself not only to the task of working in the company, but above all to working for the company.

With his enthusiasm and commitment, he laid the central foundation so that this year we can not only celebrate 175 years of LEIPA tradition, but also offer a sustainable future with environmentally friendly products and solutions.

But beyond all these entrepreneurial activities, he was always one thing above all: human. He was there for the questions and concerns of his family, as well as for the questions, concerns and suggestions of his employees. This characterized and distinguished him. And that is how we would like to remember him. Like very few others, he always managed to be both a beloved family man and an impressive corporate leader.

“Our employees are the heart and soul of LEIPA. We are grateful for this and will continue to be a family business that cares and looks after all members of the large LEIPA family.“
Dr. Hubert Schrödinger

The award of the Order of Merit of the State of Brandenburg in 2008 and also the award of the Golden Citizen's Medal of the City of Schrobenhausen in 2017 are just two examples and evidence of his social, economic and finally also human commitment.

With Till Huesmann as a member of the supervisory board of LEIPA and Robin Huesmann as part of the management of LEIPA, a seamless and secure transition of the LEIPA group of companies into the hands of the now sixth family generation takes place. LEIPA will thus successfully continue on its path as an independent and innovative family business. With an owning family that stands fully behind the company and will continue the management of the group of companies entirely in the spirit of Dr. Schrödinger.

The LEIPA family

You would also like to condole or share your thoughts and memories with us? Please simply use our book of condolence. Thank you for your words and sympathy!

Book of condolence

With great respect we will keep Dr. Hubert Schrödinger in our minds, he was a great entrepreneur. Most impressive was the drive and “Elan” how he approached the challenge to acquire Schwedt Mill site from “Deutsche Treuhand” in the early 90’s. During the 90’s we worked very closely with LEIPA in Schrobenhausen and Schwedt. We enjoyed the direct work with Dr. Schrödinger. He was straight forward but thoughtful, farsighted but interested in important details, could be a tough business man yet friendly in personal relationship. Although the direct contact was much less in the recent years we will miss him very much.

Daniel von Stamm, Stefan Prodöhl, Jacob Jürgensen Papier und Zellstoff GmbH

With Dr. Hubert Schrödinger, the German economy has lost an outstanding entrepreneurial personality. His work is particularly associated with the city of Schwedt/Oder. After German reunification, the long tradition of paper and board processing in the Oder city was successfully continued under his direction. His entrepreneurial success has benefited not only the company, but equally the town and the people in our region. Dr. Hubert Schrödinger has always seen his opportunities as an entrepreneur also as an obligation for the common good. We are deeply grateful to him for this. In recognition of his special services to strengthening Schwedt/Oder as a business location, he received the Order of Merit of the State of Brandenburg in June 2008 and signed the Golden Book of the City of Schwedt/Oder. His work will remain a role model. The city will honor his memory. My deepest sympathy goes to his relatives. With sincere regards, Annekathrin Hoppe, Mayor of the City of Schwedt/Oder

Annekathrin Hoppe, City of Schwedt/Oder

"When a person dies, can he live again? ... You (God) will call and I will answer you. According to what your hands have made, you will bless" (The Bible Job 14:14,15). My heartfelt condolences and much strength to the family.

Michael Petzholdt, LEIPA plant Schwedt South

Rest in Peace. RIP [*]

Adam Bursztynowicz, Greencarrier/JAS

Dear LEIPA Family, Dear Robin and Till, Dear Peter, I deeply regret the death of Dr. Hubert Schrödinger; for some the partner, for others the uncle, the husband, and for all of us the leader and soul of the Leipa company.I had contact with Doctor personally for the first time in the spring of 2001, on my first visit to Schwedt.The impression was unbeatable and still lasts today, he wanted to know everything I did and that I had to offer, he asked the right questions and touched on the right points, with a professionalism and humanity beyond what is common.Other times we met, spoke and shared a drink, a meal and a lively chat, at the factory, at lively sales meetings celebrated during indian summer... always with new challenges, pm3 conversion, bulding pm4, etc… Thank you so much for the time shared, has been endearing!Sincere condolences from all Secopa team, part of the Leipa Family.Marc Sabaté Rius and Antón Sabaté Mitjans

Marc Sabaté Rius, Secopa

Deep mourning for the person and in many respects outstanding personality of Dr. Hubert Schrödinger. He was ahead of his time in very far-reaching decisions. He had exceptional foresight, entrepreneurial courage and, in the very difficult 1990s, confidence in Schwedt as an industrial location. Deep gratitude is due for this. Also for countless decisions and his personal commitment to the development of today's state-of-the-art LEIPA site in Schwedt. Deep gratitude for every personal encounter with Dr. Hubert Schrödinger over the past 25 years. His humanity, his warmth, his respect for employees and his extraordinary-legendary modesty, also towards himself, have left their mark on me. It hurts. Dear Dr. Schrödinger, I will never forget them. In honored silent memory, Mike Bischoff

Mike Bischoff, Member of the Brandenburg State Parliament

On behalf of all employees, we would like to express our sincere condolences to the family. We will keep Dr. Hubert Schrödinger in our memories. We say goodbye to a valuable person with the conviction that his life's work will be preserved for future generations.

Grażyna Król-Sztubinska, MAD RECYCLING POLSKA

We are saddened to learn of the passing of Dr. Schrödinger. We have come to know and appreciate Dr. Schrödinger as a very respected and passionate leader of Leipa in which he always stayed so closely involved with always a very warm heart for his people. We will remember his presence, knowledge and experience very much and we are grateful for his great dedication and commitment to our relation with Leipa. Our thoughts go out to his wife, family, relatives and Leipa employees We wish you a lot of strength in bearing this loss. With sincere compassion, Koninklijke Eduard van Leer B.V. Amsterdam Gerard L.M. van de Pol on behalf of management and employees

Gerard van de Pol, Koninklijke Eduard van Leer B.V.

In gratitude and solidarity.

Simone & Ronald Garkisch, EUBA Logistic GmbH

With gratitude and solidarity, the employees of EUBA Logistic GmbH.

Kayth Kasel, EUBA Logistic GmbH

My sincere condolences to his dear wife and family. Dr. Schrödinger was my superior for almost 30 years, always demanding development, correct to everyone, an excellent company boss. It all started for me with a meeting with Dr. Schrödinger at Berlin Airport, where he inquired in detail about the situation in the paper mill. Without him, the paper industry would hardly exist in Schwedt today. He always set new impulses, very important were the extensive investments, especially the first one , the conversion of PM 1 to LWC paper, at that time for the first time in the world based on recovered paper. He always succeeded in bringing outstanding people to Schwedt, in particular Mr. Hartmann in the beginning and later Peter Probst, as well as his nephews, who drove the development forward with him. All LEIPA employees, the city of Schwedt and I owe Dr. Schrödinger a great deal. I will always have fond memories of him.

Horn, privat, former Technical Manager at LEIPA

Dr. Schrödinger was not only our competent and friendly business partner for over 30 years, but was also a caring, open and warm person. He also always took time for us representatives and even in his old age he always gave his best to support all of us. We will always remember Dr. Schrödinger in the best way! We wish the Schrödinger family and the entire LEIPA team much strength in these difficult times. Our heartfelt condolences! The Belosevic family.

Ivan Belosevic, Unitrade GmbH

His guiding principle always spurs us on to do our best to inspire our customers, after 22-years of successful partnership with LEIPA. His goal in life, his personal peak performance to achieve his challenges, has always inspired me. I will keep Dr. Hubert Schrödinger in my best memory and express my heartfelt condolences to his wife, family and relatives.

Patrick Deconinck, PDC Agency

We have known Dr. Schrodinger about 35 years ago when we started the relationship with LEIPA. We had the impression to have met a real captain of industry, confirmed by the subsequent years, seeing what he has created. A great worker, always present until he could. We know from the kind words spent by his co-operators and employes that he was a human person, present for everydoby, making the paper mill a big family. We are honored to have known him and we believe that his memory will be indelible over time. Cattaneo A. & C. s.r.l.'s team.

Luca Fiammanti, CATTANEO A. & C. s.r.l.

My personal deep condolonces to the whole family and to Leipa Family. First time I met Dr.Schrödinger was in Schwedt in 2004 just weeks before PM4 start up. I was estonished how at his mid 70th he was so much involved with everything going on to the very last detial . A year later in 2005 it was my great honor to welcome Dr. Schrödinger and Mrs Schrödinger in Israel for a combined bussiness & private tour. We visited Leipa customers and he showed great interert in everything they do and the way they do. Dr.Schrödinger was hard wroking person who acheived many records in his life. I will always remenber him as a very kind men with many skils . His peronality inspired me a lot in many ways.

Itai Ronen, Nirplex Co Ltd

It was my great privilege to know and work for Dr. Schrödinger. One was always struck by the enormous respect and affection in which he was held. A visionary industrialist and patriarchal figure, he nevertheless exuded human warmth and approachability. When celebrating his life one is humbled by his achievement of not only husbanding a private German paper company past the challenges that most other failed to meet, but expanding the group into what we see today. From Schrobenhausen to Schwedt, and in many other places of LEIPA activity, thriving machines play a resounding requiem to his memory.

Martin Doktar, LEIPA UK Ltd. (Ret.)

My deepest compassion to his Family.I had great admiration for Dr Schrodinger.He was a visionnaire, a very nice personn, respectfullHe signed me a contract in 2 minutes , just a fev words ( 3 lines !), and we had great success selling recycled MFC in France starting from scratch.He trust me and I trust him - Great RelationshipRIP


Bereaved families and Leipa Family, my deepest condolences on the loss of Mr. Schrödinger. It was always great pleasure to be part of Leipa’s success driven by him.

Petr Groh, Nordic Paper Iberica, S.L.

We bid farewell and thank Dr. Schrödinger for his life's work. Not only did he have the strength to develop his company over decades, he also had the fortitude to pass it on to the next generation during his lifetime. In heartfelt sympathy.

Dr. Rüdiger Goyk, LEIPA Georg Leinfelder GmbH

I was allowed to meet Dr. Schrödinger personally and was impressed by his open and positive manner. His perspective on many things and his vision were also fascinating. My deepest condolences to the family for this heavy loss.

Nenad Nemarnik, Coal Branding

Dr. Schrödinger was a truly outstanding personality. I am very sorry for your loss and also grateful to have had the privilege of knowing him. Sharing your sadness! Chris Stobbe

Christian Paul Stobbe, WhyHow.Rocks

I met Dr Schrödinger for the first time in 1994 during the start of PM 1. After my visit to the Schwedt mill he offered to drive me back personally to the airport. I then noticed he was a very good and fast driver. Will miss his personal advices. My condolances to Mrs. Schrödinger, Robin, Till and their families.

Robert Weijerman, Weijerman Associates BV

The bereaved family mourns the death of Hubert Schrödinger. The Schrödinger era shaped LEIPA and left its mark on the future. Dr. Hubert Schrödinger is missed by the plant and its workforce as a person, as a forward-looking entrepreneurial personality and as a beacon even in difficult times! On behalf of the workforce of the Schrobenhausen plant.

Michael Mehner, LEIPA Georg Leinfelder GmbH

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