Increase the value of your board with high quality digital print

Whether top-ups, prototypes, high personalisation or a quick turnaround, our digital print service is a unique solution.

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Caught short? Want to wow? Simplify with QR-coding?

Digital print in a single pass on our recycled solid board for your customised solution

We are pleased to announce the debut of our latest product offering: digitally printable solid board. This innovative development allows you to print personalised images, QR-coding, sequential numbers for limited editions or top-ups and bespoke designs directly onto LEIPA's solid board sheets. Our comprehensive range of board options, including two grey boards, brown natron board, as well as the solid white graphic boards (triplex board, duplex board) will be available for digital printing.

In collaboration with, a leading digital printer, LEIPA is proud to be the pioneer in producing this revolutionary substrate for digital printing processes. This further development opens up a wide range of opportunities for customers to significantly increase the value of their solid board products.


  • Highly customised digitally printed carton solutions
  • No waste: Printable from first sheet
  • The first large-format solid board sheets are produced in single-pass operation at excellent process speeds


  • Offering customers the unique opportunity to add value to their solid board offerings
  • Sustainable solution with no waste, precise number ordering, and ability to order more later if needed
  • With this collaboration, customers can benefit from working with paper and printing expertise


  • Top-ups
  • Highly personalised objects
  • Prototypes
  • Low quantities as an alternative to flexo / offset

Pioneers in producing revolutionary substrate for digital printing processes, which increase the value of solid board products.


Typical Use-Cases*



I’ve printed 500,000 pieces for my customer offset and he now wants 1,000 more. My offset machine is booked with other work so I call LEIPA for a top up of additional material printed digital!

Short-turnaround Amount increase

Customer satisfaction

I’m not sure how it’s happened, but I’ve delivered too few items for a promised order contract. My customer has asked where the remaining amount is?! I have to investigate why this has happened / could happen but in the meantime, I need a fast solution to rectify the situation.

Customer satisfaction KPI kept intact


Something has gone wrong in the packing process of the packaging created. My customer calls me, panicked, that they quickly need to reproduce some packaging to replace the items claimed against. I need a responsive service within hours, not weeks!

Claim Rectification
Stock on site for super-quick reproduction

Luxury packaging

I’m a brand looking to increase my luxury value and make my product through my packaging communication more premium. By customising my packaging, I can really increase the value of consumer reach! I’m excited about using digital printing for this use!

Luxury packaging Value Increase

Typical Use-Cases*



My customer wants to make each packaging individual for personalised / direct customer communication. I would love to help, but this is not possible with my current flexo/offset print offering.

Individual Personalisation

Print in combination

My customer wants to advertise regional and / or seasonal products. Whilst it’s a national brand, and I can print the main design, there is an area that needs digital print. I can print the main body large-scale myself and then individualise the regionality element with LEIPA’s digital print service.

Print in combination Cost effective


My customer desires numeration on pallet liners to reduce quarantine on faulty production slots. Previously, when a problem happened, all goods had to be quarantined. With numeration, any problems can be identified in a smaller area and less goods are wasted.

Optimisation Waste-reduction

Typical Use-Cases*

QR Codes/Barcodes


The remit for the packaging requirement focuses on security. By printing in picture coding, barcoding only readable by certain software, this would allow my customer to place data behind this coding.


Workflow optimisation

My customer wants to optimise internal workflow. They would like the packaging to be scanned and directed to the correct area in the warehouse. Individual coding on the packaging can reduce time and increase efficiencies in their warehouse.

Workflow optimisation

Reduction of materials

My customer is looking for ways to reduce materials. By offering a packaging with a QR code, I am able to eliminate the need for an additional flyer inside the packaging with instructions.

Reduction of materials

Label elimination

My customer is highly sustainability conscious. They have already optimised their packaging and product tremendously. They recently learned that labels are a concern area for PFAS / other chemicals that have safety concerns. Therefore they’d like to eliminate labels entirely. Digitally printing their known data with later assigned coding allows them to do just this!

Label elimination

Typical Use-Cases*


0 series

My customer is bringing a new product to market. They need to bring small-volume to the shelves for live testing also known as 0-series. Asking LEIPA to digitally print small-volume in high quality digital print allows the test to be realistic.

0 series Production testing


I am trying to win a new customer with a new packaging design designed by our in-house designers. The customer can’t imagine this from our drawings so I’d like to produce some mock ups for them to see.

Mock-ups Demonstration of design

New business

My customer is a well know brand but want to launch a new line with a new design. To ensure that their design responds well, they want to launch a test. This will allow them to place an order for high-volume with me straight after.

New business

Typical Use-Cases*

Small Volume

Customer retention

I have a long-standing customer who is looking for a solution for a small-volume line. I can’t offer this but don’t want to risk losing the customer for the entirety of the business by not helping with a solution. Ordering through LEIPA allows me to maintain the important relationship.

Customer retention Portfolio expansion


I have an enquiry from a small-volume user start up. I see the potential in this customer and want them in the future but can’t help them today. By offering LEIPA, keeps the door open for me to offer my services in the future.

Future-proof Long-term strategy

Digital to print

I’m an artist who produces digital artwork that started during COVID. Now, I’m looking to diversify and would like to print imagery for a local exhibition to increase awareness. This solution looks perfect for me!

Digital to print

*These examples show typical use-cases of fictional customers.

LEIPA Digital Board in the media

LEIPA Solid Board – our comprehensive portfolio

Safe and sound, ready to send...

Precious cargo is in the best hands and well-protected in packaging made of LEIPA Mountain – regardless of whether you want to produce cartons, boxes, pallet protectors or book covers. With grammages from 300 to 950 g/m² we offer you the entire spectrum in our board range. Naturally with the reliability and safety you have come to expect from us. And in the quality that LEIPA’s reputation is built on.

LEIPA Solid Board

Our Evergreen: Packaging, protecting, transporting, and printing with a clear conscience.

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Look forward to an exciting day in Weilerswist, Germany, with lots of highlights.

Save the date Whether our online round table talk on 11th June or our on-site event at on 19th June, now is the time to get involved! We kick start our event series with a round table talk on 11th June with Xeikon (machine manufacturer), (print provider) and LEIPA (solid board producer) discussing the fascinating world of innovative digital printing with zero waste strategy.

Furthermore, you are invited live to an on-site demonstration at, Weilerswist, NRW on 19th June.


14:00 Welcome Drinks
14:30 Opening by Sebastien Stabel, Xeikon
15:00 Tour of the Plant,
16:30 Inspiration & Solutions, LEIPA
17:00 Foodtruck / Grill Party
18:00 Public Viewing – Germany vs Hungary, European Football

Experience single pass digital printing live!

Once Upon a Time it started with digitally printed corrugated…

Today solid board becomes colourful!


“At LEIPA, we are committed to driving innovation in the board industry and our partnership with Xeikon and is an important milestone in this journey.”Thomas Karl
Global Head of Sales LEIPA
”Sustainability meets innovation: The powerful combination of Packaging Digital and Leipa utilizing Flint Group's IDERA digital printing solution with water-based inks, is revolutionizing solid board packaging. This cutting-edge technology delivers high-impact, single-pass printing on eco-friendly materials, creating the perfect platform for brands to develop customized and sustainable packaging solutions.”Sebastien Stabel
Market Segment Director, Flint Group Digital
”Imagine being able to always react to current circumstances with your messages on the box or packaging. It's possible with digital printing!”Mario Deilen

No waste! Print from the first sheet.

Short runs are cost-effective and resource protective: Print exactly what you need, when you need it.

Water-based inkjet has the biggest potential to become the most cost-effective, food-safest, most operator friendly and lowest carbon footprint digital printing technology. It allows your packaging production to be:

  • Food compliant
  • Regulatory future proof
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Operator friendly
  • High quality
  • Cost-effective

Sustainable partners

We choose partners that offer the same benefits that our LEIPA Group does. are a start-up committed to ramping up operations in an environmentally conscious way. Flint Group Digital & Xeikon are committed to regulatory compliant consumables and a sustainability roadmap to continuously reduce carbon footprint.

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