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Trade Fair Central Hall Edinburgh, UK 09:00–17:00

Magazine Street 2023

One-day conference for the wonderful world of magazine publishing

Papinar Online 16:00–17:00

LEIPA papinar #3/23: Pixels or paper

An insight into consumer voices, retailer responses and media dynamics

Congress Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Sustainable Packaging Summit 2023

The Sustainable Packaging Summit brings together the leading minds and thinkers from inside and outside the packaging industry.

Round Table Talk Online 16:00–17:00

LEIPA Round Table Talk #3/23: Unboxing the Future

Navigating EU Packaging Legislation & Reshaping Packaging Realities

Round Table Talk Online 16:00–17:00

LEIPA Round Table Talk #4/23: Fiber Futures

Pioneering the Circular Economy Revolution

Trade Fair Messe Nürnberg, Germany

International Toy Fair 2024

The International Toy Fair is the meeting place for the entire world of toys to establish new trade relations and strengthen existing contacts.

Trade Fair Messe Dortmund, Germany

EMPack Dortmund 2024

Regional trade fair for the packaging industry

Round Table Talks and Papinars

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