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LEIPA papinar #2/23: Cross-Channel Success

The Power of Personalised and Intelligent Printing

New Opportunities for your B2C and D2C business

The traditional mindset still allows for a sizeable gap between agile performance solutions and print. What about a modern mindset? A modern mindset sees entirely new opportunities, based on data-driven and targeted print advertising, opening completely new perspectives in cross-channel marketing.

Would you like to say goodbye to traditional mass approaches and embrace targeted campaigns with automated and hyper-personalised direct mail instead?

Then join us for our next „papinar" on September 21st, at 16.00h, together with optilyz, the provider of direct mail automation for market leaders.

Our papinar will provide the answers to crucial questions like:

  • Why print isn't an old-school channel?
  • How to turn print into an agile, data-driven performance channel?
  • What do you need to start (hyper-)personalised direct mailing?
  • How will intelligent print touchpoints boost your ROI?

Are you a marketing decision maker of a B2C and D2C business, especially focused on Retail- and E-Commerce Businesses? Then don’t miss the opportunity to revolutionize the approach to print! Discover why letters, postcards, and more should be an integral part of your cross-channel marketing strategy in our upcoming papinar.

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Our guests

Martin Twellmeyer

Martin Twellmeyer

Co-Founder & CEO optilyz

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Sarah Lesting

Sarah Lesting

Sustainable Solutions Consultant LEIPA Group

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