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LEIPA papinar #3/23: Pixels or paper

An insight into consumer voices, retailer responses and media dynamics

Join us for a 60-minute papinar as we take a closer look at the time-honoured topic of print vs. digital.

We all know the age-old conflict between print and digital.  Hey, by now we even know that they can go together harmoniously. At this papinar, we will take a look behind the scenes to understand what the real star of this show, the consumer, really thinks.

Join us on a journey through selected statistics from the latest trend survey. Ann-Kathrin from Two Sides will give you an exciting insight into the animated discussions that are currently moving our industry!

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Dr. Matthias Elsweier
Dr. Matthias Elsweier
Senior Manager Digital Business Development, LEIPA Group View bio
Anne-Katrin Kohlmorgen
Anne-Katrin Kohlmorgen
Managing Partner, Two Sides Germany View bio

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