Award for the ODiWiP & KIBAPap projects

Award for the ODiWiP & KIBAPap projects Thibault Belvaux
Anthony-Arvind Kishore-Chand (VEOLIA Hamburg), Rosario Othen (ITA Aachen), Alexander Becher (IPEM Siegen), Paulina Hahn (Munich University), Hanna Schwandt (LEIPA Group), Susana Solís Pérez (European Parliament Spain) and Andrea Orallo (EPRC).

The ODiWiP & KIBAPap (AI-based operator assistance system in the paper recycling loop) projects were presented with the European Paper Recycling Council Award at the European Parliament in Brussels on 19 February. MEP Susana Solís Pérez presented the prize to the project team. LEIPA won together with its project partners in the innovative technologies and R&D category.

The KIBAPap project is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection. Data is collected and analysed using artificial intelligence. The aim is to optimise the paper production process and adapt the process parameters to the respective quality of the raw material. The aim is to save resources and thus have a positive impact not only on profitability but also on our environment.

At this point, a big thank you to all those involved in the project!

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