LEIPA Group cooperates with AR platform snoopstar

LEIPA Group cooperates with AR platform snoopstar

LEIPA Group, the European market leader that converts more than 1.5 million tons of waste paper back into high-quality paper and packaging solutions every year, is bridging the gap from offline to online: In cooperation with the augmented reality technology platform snoopstar, LEIPA turns magazines, newspapers, advertisements, packaging and any printed object into sustainable, digital worlds of experience.

Emotional videos and background stories, exclusive content, helpful tutorials, additional product information, links to shops, social media campaigns etc. can now be added to every printed material. Whether it’s ads, flyers, magazines or packaging: users simply open the free snoopstar app, point the camera at a print object and immerse into a multimedia world on their smartphone display.

By integrating the snoopstar AR technology into their portfolio, LEIPA open up new opportunities for interactive communication between brands and customers, publishers and readers, at the same time encouraging sustainability.

“Sustainability and circular economy are the leading ways to a brighter future. But what is really sustainable? And how can brands gain trust by giving deep insights? The challenge is not only to integrate sustainability into the corporate strategy, but also to communicate it credibly to the outside world. Storytelling and interaction with snoopstar are the key to more environmental education, higher brand transparency, greater customer loyalty and higher conversion rates.”

Sarah Lesting, Managing Director LEIPA UK and Head of LEIPA Sustainable Solutions Consulting (LEIPA SSC)

A big advantage: snoopstar recognizes the print medium itself, no markers are necessary. Unlimited content can be easily accessed via the app – or, alternatively, without an app via snoopcode. This reduces paper waste and has the potential to turn a catalog into a postcard, while presenting even more information.

For the first time, print becomes measurable too: customer interactions give marketing insights and show which content is particularly well received. In this way, brands achieve a completely new dimension of communication – and their fans enter a new world of information and interaction.

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