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Diverse and environmentally-considerate packaging papers

Every new packaging solution starts with an idea.

Regardless of the function in which you use our packaging papers - whether as a corrugated board producer or as a brand owner: anyone who uses corrugated base papers from LEIPA not only simply receives a great paper for the packaging solution, they also set an active example for environmental protection and sustainability.

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As an internationally active group of companies, LEIPA ensures closed material cycles and environmentally-considerate transport and production conditions. We thus, not only contribute to solving packaging challenges in the best possible way, but also help our customers to minimize their own carbon footprint.

Users and applications

The right corrugated base paper for every application

Corrugated board manufacturer

LEIPA is one of the world's leading manufacturers of corrugated base papers and a close partner of the corrugated board industry. With our specialization in white top test liner - coated and uncoated - we are the ideal one-stop store when it comes to white test liner of various grammages and surfaces. In addition to our products, we offer a worldwide sales and logistics service, and advise and support our corrugated board customers in the appropriate selection and use of our test liners for impressive results.


The first task of packaging in e-commerce is certainly to provide optimum protection for the goods being shipped, but at the same time, consumers have their own demands - also on secondary packaging. They should represent the image and spirit of the store, reflect the value of the product, offer a recognition effect, and convey information - and all of this as sustainably as possible. With LEIPA White Top test liners, this really is a possibility, all at the same time.

Brand Owner

As a brand owner, you want your products to be securely packaged, but at the same time presented in a way that promotes sales, and best of all, with a clear conscience. By using LEIPA test liners in your corrugated packaging, you can indeed do all of this! With LEIPA packaging papers - from the broad mass market to the premium product we can advise you on how you can strengthen your brand by using the right packaging paper.

Non-Food Packaging

There are virtually no limits to the use of corrugated board in the non-food sector. Compared to other packaging solutions, such as plastic or wood, it offers a wide range of advantages: Printability, weight, stability and sustainability are just some of the key factors. Wherever corrugated packaging needs to "sustainably transport" a brand or information, white test liners from LEIPA are the ideal solution, from mass segment to premium.

Food Packaging

Recycled corrugated board and food packaging - for a long time this was not compatible with the regulations in the food sector. However, thanks to special production processes and hygiene measures, a large selection of our corrugated base papers are also suitable for use in the food sector. These test liners from LEIPA may be in direct contact with dry, non-greasy foodstuffs or used as secondary packaging.

POS Marketing

Corrugated board has an important role to play in point of sale marketing; it should attract maximum attention and ultimately, of course, increase sales. Be it as a trendy display or an eye-catching shelf-ready solution. A white surface offers an exciting portfolio of possibilities. Whether as a cost-effective solution in mass printing or a specifically placed solution in premium printing: LEIPA offers the right paper for all these cases.


For a long time, the classic brown corrugated cardboard box was considered the ideal solution for packaging in the industrial segment. However, nowadays, new features are also required here; appealing product photos, recognition effects, barcodes, instructions and much more. An environmentally-considerate white corrugated board solution offers numerous advantages here, and when solved with corrugated base paper from LEIPA, it is environmentally-considerate and sustainable as well.


The demands on intelligent packaging solutions are increasing by the day: Maximum presentation with full protection of the product as well as high practicality in daily use - keyword shelf ready or POS - but of course the whole thing as sustainable as possible. White Top test liners from LEIPA offer ingenious possibilities here. Made from recycling and made for recycling. Outstandingly printable and 100% recycled. Because we don't believe in doing things by halves.

Intelligent and sustainable packaging

White Top Testliner & GD Liner from LEIPA

From coated to uncoated, from single-ply to multi-ply – all perfect for your flexo print. Printing offset? Try our GD Liner. No matter what you choose – always sustainable and efficient.


LEIPA Shine New

The ideal choice for your offset print

LEIPA Classic white

LEIPA Classic white

The liner for everyday use



For inspiring packaging solutions with a good conscience

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0  years Experience in liner production
0  % Recycled paper for maximum sustainability

Reliable solutions for the classic corrugated segment

We also offer solutions for the classic corrugated segment with the well-known LEIPA quality and reliability: Our testliner LEIPA Classic brown is the ideal all-rounder for brown corrugated packaging thanks to a perfect balance of performance and sustainability. For the perfect flute, LEIPA offers the solution with LEIPA Classic medium grade.
LEIPA Classic brown

LEIPA Classic brown

Brown testliner based on 100% waste paper

LEIPA Classic medium

LEIPA Classic medium

Corrugated paper based on 100% waste paper

Quotes from customers and partners

Smurfit Kappa
“Happy birthday and keep up with great work! We appreciate the excellent quality of your product.“Božidar Protić
Director of Procurement
Smurfit Kappa Serbien
“I am personally involved with LEIPA since 1998 and of course i feel very proud of being part of this successful living business case!”Marc Sabaté Rius
Managing Director and Founder
SECOPA S.L., Spanien
“LEIPA has a wonderful and devoted team, focused on customer requests to solve them in the shortest possible time. Thank you, we are proud that we chose to use your products.“Marius-Catalin Ivanciu
Head of Procurement Department

PDC Agency
“With more than four decades of experience in agency business, I am particularly proud of representing LEIPA’s packaging papers for 22 years. Even after all those years, no day is the same. Facing the great challenge to satisfy at the same time the customer and the principal, and struggling permanently to perform successfully, is a tricky but passionate job, where only win-win situations prevail.“Patrick Deconinck
PDC Agency
ratioform Packaging
“Ratioform has been working successfully with LEIPA for over 30 years. During this time LEIPA has established itself as an absolutely reliable and high-quality partner.”Markus Gschwendtner
ratioform Verpackungen GmbH
Bertelsmann Printing Group
“LEIPA is the biggest paper supplier for the Bertelsmann Printing Group and they constantly impress us with their flexible delivery conditions.”Jörg Raschpichler
Head of Purchasing/Materials Management
Bertelsmann Printing Group
VPK Packaging Group
“With LEIPA Liner we achieve good runnability at high production speeds on our corrugated board machines. At the same time, LEIPA papers are an excellent print substrate.” Pierre Macharis
VPK Packaging Group
Gissler & Pass
“LEIPA’s willingness and ability to respond to customer needs and adapt to increasing customer demands is a key characteristic of being able to manufacture outstanding products over a long period of time.”Thomas Gissler-Weber
Managing Director
Gissler & Pass GmbH

LEIPA packaging papers

Suitable for all types of packaging

Primary packaging has two important functions: Protect and sell. White primary packaging is the ideal starting point for conveying advertising messages and information. Thanks to the use of 100% recycled paper, LEIPA test liners are particularly environmentally friendly and, thanks to our decades of expertise in liner production, they are also high quality! Suitable for offset and digital printing, optimized for flexo printing. Thanks to a declaration of harmlessness, they can also be used in the food sector in many cases.

Secondary packaging – certainly the most common use for corrugated packaging. Whether as a practical shelf-ready solution, e-commerce shipping solution, decorative box or even wine carton: LEIPA liners are suitable for a wide variety of uses and offer our customers many different options. Depending on whether an impressive print image is required, a particularly economical solution for mass products or a weight-reduced solution for logistics optimization: LEIPA is the one-stop store for white liner needs.

White liner for tertiary packaging? Surely no consumer gets to see tertiary packaging? Think inside the box! It’s not only the outside of a corrugated package needs a liner. Liner is also used on the inside. And depending on what is needed, this can also carry valuable information. For example, instructions for use. Barcodes or other information often need to be clearly visible on the outside of a tertiary package as well. This can be sustainably displayed on a high-contrast test liner from LEIPA.

Inspiration for Innovation & Transformation

Think outside the Box

Paper & Packaging have been our passion for generations. For over 50 years, LEIPA has been one of the leading manufacturers and partners in the field of high-quality test liner. At the same time, we also think "outside the box", and advise and accompany our customers on their journey to sustainable and environmentally-considerate concepts. In doing so, we always keep an eye on the entire process and value chain and thus offer holistic solutions. This is proven by our product innovations such as LEIPA Shock free, our voidfill solution based on 100% recycling.

LEIPA Shock free

Our solutions

Thought from the beginning to the end

As a partner to our customers, we look beyond the end of our nose. Our commitment therefore deliberately includes the topics of sustainability, research & development, and innovative start-ups. In this way, we succeed in developing coherent and inspiring solutions for and with our customers.


Prime Print Quality on Testliner for Elgraf

Burda Poland launches plastic free ELLE

Lightweight Corrugated Solution for Weedons

Lightweight Corrugated Solution for Weedon

Sara Chomek
“Contemporary customer service means having uncomplicated and quick solutions. Together with my team, I am pleased to be able to offer this service to our business partners. After all, thanks to short distances and direct links to the plant, we are able to solve challenges straightforwardly and immediately.“Sara Chomek
Account Manager Packaging
Tom Schwentner
“Every day is a new challenge. Because my personal goal is to ensure that our goods always get to the right place at the right time. To the satisfaction of the customers and to my own confirmation. Even if this is particularly challenging right now: we all give our best here every day for this goal.“Tom Schwertner
Dispatcher Export
Romy Kielpinski
“Service is not when we tell our customers what we do every day. Service is when our customers say this about us. It's exactly this affirmation that spurs me on when it comes to doing the best we can every day.“Romy Kielpinski
Account Representative International Markets Packaging Paper
Sebastian Stockfisch
“Waste paper is a valuable raw material. At the Schwedt site alone, we transform over 1 million tons of it back into impressive new paper and packaging solutions every year. With state-of-the-art equipment and processes – and above all with heart and soul and commitment - we ensure that this is done in an environmentally-considerate and resource-saving way.“Sebastian Stockfisch
Department Manager Waste Paper Processing Schwedt
Kevin Katzer
“My training, the years on paper machine 3 as well as in waste paper processing have taught me to be open-minded, determined and self-confident. My tasks present me with new challenges every day. I can proudly say I'm part of a shift that always has each other's backs and is like a second family.“Kevin Katzer
1. Central Maintenance Driver Waste Paper
Sabine Hottmann
“I am fascinated by how many possibilities there are to make a product that is basically a good 2,000 years old, even better. And, how it is possible to incorporate the aspect of environmental protection and sustainability. Together with my team, I work towards this goal every day and look forward to each new challenge and successful solutions.“Sabine Hottmann
Senior Manager R&D
Rolf Kayser
“Every day is like a little adventure. It has never been boring. But, a solid education and a lot of experience are a necessary prerequisite. Because you have to know what you're doing. That's why we also attach great importance to involving junior staff at an early stage and providing them with excellent training.“Rolf Kayser
Process Engineer R&D
Jeanny Kohlheim
“You know you've made the right decision when you go to work in the morning with a smile on your face, your tea – just the way you like it – is already waiting for you, and you call your team ‘my second family’.“Jeanny Kohlheim
Laboratory Specialist
Manuel Messal
“The saying goes: 'Logistics is when it arrives safely.' For this to work, you need committed colleagues who pull together and get things moving. Just like we do. Every day and in every role.“ Manuel Messal
Deputy Siding Manager
Laura Spaltenstein
“LEIPA offers its customers much more than just sustainable products. We offer solutions and closed loops. I therefore love my job of giving the best possible advice, bringing our customers closer not only to their packaging solutions, but also to their own sustainability goals.“Laura Spaltenstein
European Group Account Manager
Sarah Lesting
“We share the knowledge and experience of 175 years of paper and packaging know-how and advise and accompany our customers with sustainable and environmentally-considerate concepts. In doing so, we always keep the entire process and value chain in mind and thus offer holistic solutions. For a future worth living.“ Sarah Lesting
Head of LEIPA Sustainable Consulting
Falk Friedrich
“At LEIPA, we produce our corrugated base paper on state-of-the-art equipment using highly automated processes. Engineering and technology are one thing, but it is the people who commit themselves every day anew with passion and know-how who create impressive solutions and products. That's what I stand for with my team.“Falk Friedrich
Plant Manager LEIPA Schwedt North Plant


Sustainability and the circular economy are not a point in time, but a journey.

With Sustainability-as-a-Service, we have therefore created a modular system that allows you to take the path to greater sustainability step by step - from choosing one of LEIPA's environmentally-considerate products, to an optimized logistics concept, to completely closed cycles. In this way, you as the customer decide individually how we may accompany you on the way to achieving your goals.

Waste paper procurement Waste Paper Processing Paper production y Individual consulting Outbound logistics Processing and finishing Consumer

Added Values

We offer our customers real added values.

Product portfolio

In the field of white top test liners, LEIPA offers the perfect portfolio for all needs: Whether coated liner for particularly impressive premium packaging, uncoated liner for the broad segment or our single-layer liner for especially lightweight packaging solutions.

Research & Development

LEIPA has been one of the market leaders and pioneers in the liner sector for more than 50 years. We proudly build on this experience and use our commitment and know-how to continuously improve our products and processes in the interest of our customers.

Technical Consulting

LEIPA's Technical Marketing supports and accompanies our customers in the optimal use of our products. The benefits for customers range from reduced use of resources, to completely new application ideas and packaging solutions.

Customer service

LEIPA service sets standards in terms of flexibility, reaction speed and solution finding. We are located directly "on the spot". This enables short distances and fast coordination with colleagues from Sales and Production, for optimum customer support.


The LEIPA Group sees itself as an active partner and advises on key issues relating to responsible printing and packaging. Together with our customers, we develop solutions and optimize processes so that a significant contribution is made to greater sustainability.

Group Services

The LEIPA Group takes the needs of its customers seriously and serves them with a combination of state-of-the-art products, relevant technological innovations and advice that sets benchmarks in sales, service and reliability.

Your direct line to LEIPA

Are you interested and do you have any questions? Contact us today. Our advisors will be happy to help you. +49 3332 24-3000

Customer Service

Economy and ecology in harmony.

Independent, future-oriented and with our families’ futures in mind. These values characterize our work and the way we treat our employees, how we communicate and take responsibility for people, the environment and nature. Because what we do today lays the foundation for future generations and the success of tomorrow.

Sustainability Digitalpress/

Paths are better when forged together.

LEIPA GROUP is an independent enterprise with over 175 years of professional know-how in process technology and research & development. Members of LEIPA GROUP include LEIPA Georg Leinfelder GmbH, LEIPA Logistik GmbH and MAD Recycling GmbH, as well as international subsidiaries for distribution and production.

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LEIPA loves Liner and nature.

We bring economy and ecology into harmony

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