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Sustainable printing and packaging solutions

With our team of LEIPA Sustainable Solutions Consulting – SSC for short – we accompany and prepare the way to a future worth living.

Your long-term companion for a greener future.

Sustainability and the circular economy are the leading paths to a better future. But what is sustainable? Which circuits are closed? What environmentally friendly solutions are already available today – and what can we expect tomorrow?

With 175 years of experience and know-how we produce 100% recycled fibre-based paper for graphic applications and packaging solutions. We also have many years of expertise in flexible packaging, which underlines the sustainability of the packaged products. At LEIPA we are happy to share our knowledge when it comes to sustainable and innovative solutions.

With our team of LEIPA Sustainable Solutions Consulting, we advise and accompany our customers on their way to sustainable and environmentally friendly concepts. In doing so we keep an eye on the entire process and production chain, offering holistic solutions. LEIPA SSC – Inspiration for Innovation & Transformation.


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Back to better.

Our fast-paced times present unprecedented challenges, ranging from digital transformation and Covid-19 to interrupted supply chains and scarcity of resources. But, at the same time, we firmly believe we have been given unprecedented opportunities. As one of the market leaders in the field of recycled paper we know how important it is to use these opportunities sensibly and work together to meet our goals.

Because there is no single correct way, Reduce only works optimally in conjunction with Reuse and Recycle, and the circular economy is only fully effective when the cycles are completely closed. Just as with the SDGs of the United Nations, by the same token the social and ecological aspects must always be considered. Then, together, the step towards a brighter future will succeed.


Advice. Accompany. Enthuse.

LEIPA SSC uses the knowledge and tools of our time, coupled with the flexibility and numerous skills of a broad-based group of companies, to pass on experience and knowledge. Our dedicated consulting team for sustainable solutions acts as an innovation hub – for our customers, our group of companies and, in particular, our employees.

Among other things, with our Round Table Talks and Papinars as part of, we regularly offer interesting online events and webinars that provide inspiration for innovation and transformation.

Services of the LEIPA SSC Team

  • Sustainability consulting
  • Sustainability communication
  • Circular Economy Consulting
  • Logistics optimization
  • Development of solutions for the circular economy
  • Recycling consulting
  • Product consulting
  • Technical Consulting and Support for new product introductions
  • Sustainability Trainings
  • Innovation Management
  • Business Development
  • Inhouse Consulting
  • Product Development and launch support
  • Market Intelligence
  • Trend recognition and translation
  • Campaign support

LEIPA Circology

We create economic & ecological cycles

Waste paper procurement Waste Paper Processing Paper production y Individual consulting Outbound logistics Processing and finishing Consumer


Sustainability and the circular economy are not a point in time, but a journey.

With Sustainability-as-a-Service we have launched a modular system that allows the path to more sustainability to be taken step by step – from the decision to use environmentally friendly LEIPA products to an optimized logistics concept and completely closed cycles. As a customer you decide individually how we can help you on the way to achieving your goals.

Sustainable consulting

With a healthy view of the bigger picture, we advise and accompany brand owners, printers, publishers and packaging experts on the path to greater sustainability.

Environmentally friendly products

Sustainability often starts with the use of environmentally friendly products. Here we offer the right overview and provide professional recommendations - not only for our own products.

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Holistic solutions

We think processes and cycles from start to finish. That's why we always offer holistic solutions that ideally include all three fields of economy, ecology and social issues.

Individual Service

As part of an international group of companies, we give you direct access to sustainable logistics solutions and fully closed recycling loops.

International network

Whether it's an innovative AR app, intelligent parcel enclosures or even design for recycling: our network opens up completely new possibilities for you.

Information & Inspiration

Through our Round Table Talks and Webinars, we share our knowledge and experience from 175 years of paper and packaging know-how.

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Our projects – thought from start to start.

As the LEIPA SSC team we not only deal with our own products and services but also think outside the box, enabling us to provide holistic advice. Our commitment intentionally includes the topics of research, development and innovative start-ups. This way we succeed in developing coherent and inspiring solutions for, and with, our customers.

Sustainable Fresh Food Packaging for Kaldenberg

Paper instead of plastic in print for Elle Poland

Closed paper loop for LUSH

Regional paper cycle for Penguin Printing

Passionate partner. Since 1847.

Responsibility for people, the environment and nature

Founded in 1847 the LEIPA Group is a leading family-owned paper and packaging manufacturer. Our solution is Sustainability-as-a-Service for printing and packaging, our products are environmentally friendly, mostly recyclable and paper-based – independent, responsible and future-oriented. This shapes and characterizes the way we work, interact with each other, how we communicate and how we take responsibility for people, the environment and nature. By employing these actions today we are laying the foundation for the coming generations and successes of tomorrow.

The LEIPA Group sees itself as a partner of brand owners, packaging specialists, printers, publishers and retailers and actively advises on all topics relating to responsible printing and packaging. Together with our customers and partners we develop solutions, new products and optimize processes so that not only waste is avoided, but an active contribution is made to the sustainability strategy of our customers. LEIPA is your partner for environmentally friendly paper and packaging. In this way we support the ecological modernization of society.

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The LEIPA SSC team

Sarah Lesting

Sarah Lesting

Head of Sustainable Solutions Consulting

“Together with our customers and partners, we think outside the box to further develop circular economy.“
Matthias Elsweier

Matthias Elsweier

Senior Manager Digital Business Development

“Paper and digitization are not opposites, but combined together form the basis for an excellent circular economy.“

Your direct line to LEIPA

Have we aroused your interest in sustainable solutions and closed cycles? Get in direct contact with us and let us find out together how we can advise and accompany you on the way to more sustainability. +49 30 56295 2222

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