We think about today and tomorrow.

Six generations of responsibility and sustainability.

Responsibility for people, the environment and nature

Economy and ecology in harmony.

Independent, future-oriented and with our families’ futures in mind. These values characterize our work and the way we treat our employees, how we communicate and take responsibility for people, the environment and nature.

What we do today lays the foundation for future generations and the success of tomorrow.


Our mission

We care about your business too.

Using paper and cardboard packaging responsibly has become an important factor for brand owners, publishers, retailers, printers and producers of packaging.

LEIPA Group sees itself as a conscientious partner of trade and industry and actively advises on all aspects of responsible printing and packaging.

In collaboration with our customers and business partners, we develop innovative solutions and products and optimize our processes to ensure reduction of refuse, while at the same time making a contribution to the sustainability strategy of the customer.

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Environmental management

Always with the environment in mind.

Every year we set high standards for environmental protection and occupational safety with the goal of optimizing all the production and work processes in our mills. We invest not only in the technological side of our business, but also in the competence of our workforce.

This way we guarantee a highly efficient utilization of natural resources.


Raw materials

Too valuable to waste.

All of our raw and auxiliary materials are selected under consideration of the highest levels of operational safety and the ecological use of resources. We add only a minimal percentage of process chemicals if necessary.

The essential raw material at LEIPA is waste paper. Whether we’re making paper for mail order catalogues or coated paper for branded packaging, it’s all made of 100% recycled paper. We use more than 1.5 million tons of recovered paper per year. No primary fibres are used for our paper production.


Crystal clear.

LEIPA reduces its consumption of clean water as much as possible at all its sites. To this end, process water is kept in closed-loop water circuits and used several times. We use membrane filtration systems and extruders to improve performance and reliability.

Our production sites in Schrobenhausen and Schwedt are located in the immediate vicinity of protected areas and a national park respectively. As part of a voluntary commitment, we have for decades attached great importance to the high quality and purity of the reclaimed water.



Fibres with phases.

Producing paper and cardboard requires a lot of energy. For this reason, LEIPA has always endeavoured to reduce energy consumption by constantly optimizing all production processes and systems.

By using waste heat recovery, as well as implementing innovative technologies and decommissioning vacuum pumps and other measures we not only reduce energy consumption but lessen emissions and pollution as well.

Power supply

We create solutions

Have we aroused your interest in sustainable solutions and closed loops? Contact us directly and let us find out together how we can advise and accompany you on your way to more sustainability. +49 30 56295 2222

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