Reducing our carbon footprint together.

For a future worth living.

By opting for 100 % recycled paper, you demonstrate your commitment to the circular economy. With LEIPA paper and board you are using products made from recycled fibres and are therefore part of the solution. Because "Made from Recycling" and "Made for Recycling" are much more than just slogans for our customers and for us.

Recognised certificates for recycled paper

Your contribution to more environmental protection

There are various certificates that attest to the sustainability of recycled paper. The following certificates ensure that recycled paper is sustainable sourced and is produced in an environmentally friendly way. Businesses and consumers can be confident that by buying certified recycled paper they are making a positive contribution to protecting the environment.

Blauer Engel

Blue Angel

The Blue Angel is the oldest and best-known environmental label in the world. It is awarded by the German Federal Government and certifies recycled paper that is made from 100 % waste paper and meets strict environmental requirements.


FSC Recycled

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international organisation that promotes sustainable forestry. The FSC Recycled certificate certifies that the paper is made from 100 % recovered paper and meets the FSC's environmental and social standards.

EU Ecolabel

EU Ecolabel

The EU Ecolabel is awarded by the European Union and certifies environmentally friendly products. The certificate guarantees that the paper consists of at least 70 % waste paper and meets certain environmental criteria.


PEFC Recycled

The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) is an international organisation that promotes sustainable forest management. The PEFC Recycled certificate certifies that the paper is made from 100 % recovered paper and meets the PEFC's environmental and social standards.

For your quick reference

Our signets for environmentally friendly production

Recycled Paper

100 % Recycled Paper

Our papers and packaging materials are guaranteed to be made from 100 % recycled paper.

100 % Recycable

100 % Recycable

Our paper products are 100% recyclable – as long as the waste paper is returned to the cycle.


60 % Energy Saved

In the production of our papers, we save 60 % energy compared to virgin fibre papers by using recycled papers as fibre.


40 % Water Saved

We need 40 % less water for the production of our papers in comparison to virgin fibre papers.



For selected products we guarantee a vegan manufacturing process, which means that no animal products are used during the entire production process.

You want to do more? Gladly!

Our service packages care and care+

Together with LEIPA you can do more for the environment - and use this actively in your communication with your customers. Our service packages care and care+ offer transparency and target-oriented solutions. From environmental certification according to the highest standards to the reduction of the CO2-footprint!

LEIPA care

  • Recycled paper according to Blue Angel
  • Transparent documentation

Our care package offers all the advantages of recycled paper produced in line with the times and also includes the Blue Angel. This is the oldest and also the most demanding environmental certificate. The criteria not only include a look at the raw materials used and the production, but the considerate use of the resource water is also critically evaluated. The Blue Angel thus documents and conveys the care with which the paper you use is produced.

LEIPA care+

  • Recycled paper according to Blue Angel
  • Production from 100 % green power
  • Transparent documentation
  • Unavoidable CO₂ is compensated for

Care+ means that we additionally produce your paper with 100 % electricity from renewable sources. This enables us to achieve a significant reduction of the CO₂ footprint by up to approx. 30 %. We offer compensation for the remaining CO₂ footprint. In doing so, we have committed ourselves to relying exclusively on Gold Standard projects. With ClimatePartner, we have a professional companion at our side.

Your direct line to LEIPA

Are you intrigued by sustainable solutions and the concept of closed cycles? Contact us directly and let us find out together how we can advise and accompany you on the path to more sustainability. Email +49 30 56295 2255 Phone

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