Sustainability Report

As the LEIPA group of companies, we make an important contribution to the well-being of all generations - with passion for a circular economy of the future.

German Sustainability Code

In setting our own goals, we are guided by the international Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The SDGs are a set of 17 global goals adopted by 194 countries under the umbrella of the United Nations in 2015 to achieve a sustainable future for all people and the planet. The SDGs are to be achieved by 2030 and are a global agenda that calls on governments, businesses, and civil society around the world to work together to achieve a sustainable future.

The SDGs are divided into three main areas that build on each other: Environment, Society and Economy . The LEIPA group of companies also bases its own objectives on these three main areas and has set its own goals in the three sustainability dimensions "People", "Planet" and "Performance".

Responsibility for people, the environment and nature: economy and ecology in harmony.


Sustainability Dimensions

The goals in these three sustainability dimensions can be grouped into five key areas of action:

For LEIPA, the focus is on people.


LEIPA actively takes responsibility for the environment.


LEIPA stands for sustainable economic growth.



You can download our report according to the standard of the German Sustainability Code via the following link.

Download Sustainability Code

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